Terms And Conditions

This website and all services and products offered on it are meant for the individuals of 18 years or more. By using any of our services, You confirm that You are of legal age to bind in a contract with Groovy Essays.
In case, You do not agree with our Terms and Conditions, it is recommended not to use our website or avail any of our services. You will be solely responsible for availing any service offered on our website, without reading the given Terms and Conditions and You cannot claim us for any issues You will face due to lack of understanding of our site and service usage.


Following is a list of terms, used in this page, with their meanings for Your better understanding to the Terms and Conditions mentioned herein.
Client(s), Customers, Users, You, Your(s) refers to any individual who is willing to place order with the Company.
Company, We, Our, Us, refers to a single term Groovy Essays.
Web, Website, Site, refers to a single term GroovyEssays.com.
Order Form, refers to the standard electronic form submitted for processing Your order.
Product, Service, Paper, Essay, refers to the write-up drafted as per client’s instructions.

Site Usage:

As mentioned earlier, using this website or availing any of the products and services offered on it is purely Your decision. Whenever, someone lands on any page of our website, some general information is automatically collected and stored on our servers to provide our visitors a user-friendly environment.

Following are some basic details collected by our servers:

  • Internet Protocol (IP) Address
  • Windows Version
  • Internet Browser Version
  • Access Time
  • Location (Region/Country/State)

The above mentioned basic information of user is collected via browser cookies. If You do not want our servers to fetch and store these details, You can simply disable Your browser cookies before landing on our site. However, You may not be able to view some of our web pages.

Personal Information:

For processing the order and communicating with You, the company requires following information.

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number

Use of alias is allowed if someone does not want to disclose his/her original name.
Furthermore, the above mentioned contact details are also used to send newsletter, discounts and promotional offers, and other updates regarding our services. However, customers have the freedom to cancel the subscription at any point You want. After cancelling our subscription, You will not be able to receive any sort of updates from Groovy Essays.

Use Of Web Content And Downloadable Material:

All downloadable material presented on this site is purely there for personal and non-commercial use and no rights of the downloadable material will be transferred to the users on downloading.
Client cannot reproduce, publish, sell, transfer or participate in the sale of misusing the website or any of its content because Groovy Essays has all the rights of the entire web content including but not limited to logos, text, images, illustrations, icons, design, etc.

Order Instructions:

It is nothing but the additional information provided by the customer in regards to the project. It is an essential element usually required by writer to come up with a write-up that meets Your needs and expectations. Therefore, it is important to double check that You have provided important detail of Your order.
No refund will be made if the dissatisfaction of the final product is caused due to the lack of information provided by the client. However, if You want to make any changes You can tell us by sending an email as soon as possible. We will try to incorporate them if the writer has not started working on Your order.

Order Cancellation:

The Company has all the rights to turn down or reject any order in the following conditions.

  • If the customer has violated any or all of the terms and conditions, willingly or unwillingly OR
  • If Groovy Essays is unable to complete the client’s project due to unavoidable situations.

Entire order amount will be reimbursed to the client if we fail to process the order, due to any reason.

Dispute Resolution:

If You are not satisfied with our service or product, You are advised to report the issue directly to the company. Contacting to any intermediary service prior reporting the issue to the company will be considered as violation of the contract and the matter will be dealt accordingly.

Payment Refund:

Place Your order with a complete peace of mind because we offer a payment refund without asking a single question. In case, the write-up does not meet Your expectation and greatly varies from the provided instructions, You can simply ask us to refund the amount it will be reimbursed to Your account as soon as possible. However, if there is something that can be corrected such as , we will go for correcting instead of refunding the amount.

Amendment in Terms and Conditions:

The company has all the rights to add, delete, edit, change or modify any or all of the above mentioned clauses without notifying You. Therefore, it is recommended that clients should visit this page frequently, especially before placing any order. Any order placed, once the changes are made in Terms and Conditions, will indicate Your acceptance to the changes and we will not be held responsible for any issues that arises due to lack of knowledge of amendment in the clauses printed herein.